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We are the 99 percent


Things I would like to see based on in New America:
No congress, senate, or government politician can be below the age of 30 or above the age of 40.
Politicians can no longer accept money from companies larger than an investor that intakes 3.3 million a year.
A company of any size can no longer receive a sum of money greater than 1 million dollars. Or likewise receive 10 million as a sum of donations a year.
All companies must induce a “Leave-of-Protest”. Where upon leave they will be allowed to return to their job at will, if found to be absence without need this can be punishable by incarceration
Donations can no longer be accepted from outside the border of the United States of America.
Stocks will be once again hand processed instead of digital updates. This will be a separate job inside the hub.
Banks can no longer hold stock in the DOW or NASDAQ. But are instead allowed to participate in a separate category, though for this category of the stock exchange to exist there has to be at least 15 branches of separate-individually-owned banks. Option two: Banks must not proceed between state lines. Banks must limit their funds directly to the state instead of the stock.
Donations CANNOT, under any circumstances, be accepted for re-elections.
Laws in a single state may not exceed 150 single laws. If one law is ordained a law must be relinquished to do so. The laws relinquished must not be expunged based on senators or governors, but by a meeting held by the mayors of the state.
If a company bankrupts, they may (if still existent) withhold the first piece of private property they owned and begun from. This can only occur once and excluding this once if name has been changed of the company, or a different enterprise has been worked in said company.
No judge can be eligible for a congressional, senate, or presidential position. Or likewise for any position in the judicial system.
No company can become exclusiveness for the consumption or yielding of currency, national or international of the like.
A job should be distinguished between necessity and accommodations. Accommodations can be accessed by those of a higher education, where as necessity can be accessed by ANY human so long they fit a moral and competence assessment.
“Parties” will no longer exist on political notes. No side can be “won” from. No side can be sought

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