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We are the 99 percent


Tell Ten, Every Day!
That's the only Way!
We must take back our country today!

I have a sonnet about war here
Back From War Sonnet
It's 1:20 minutes long and you are welcome to copy it and distribute it

The same goes for all my videos
I have 158 videos, on YouTube and Google/YouTube is beginning to give me trouble now, banning my videos, slowing down my upload time and I'm looking for alternative places to post videos

They are high quality voice and picture videos and I do not waste the viewer's time with a lot of nonsense

The videos are concise and they have been edited for voice and picture so that each minute you spend watching these videos is worth your time, with much information in each

Many are 15 minutes long and some have multiple parts

Many are about the Protest Movement and some are about breaking free from the banking system, by growing your own food at home, but most are about protest

Many are poems and sonnets

Some are about those who were pepper sprayed, like Dorli Rainey

Some are about Naomi Wolf or Scott Olsen

We are all in this, together and what each does, matters!

I'll help you spread the word! You help me spread the word!

We have only today to act!

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