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We are the 99 percent


Priorities of our government were founded upon responsibility to and of the people. Some of our governments have remembered this. Some of our people remember this. Some remember only the part of this that serves their pocket book. Most small businesses remember this. WE, the silent majority of this nation must remind large corporations, business, and government constantly that we are a nation to whom they must prioritize economic loyalty, or resign their positions, or move their licenses and their companies to those other nations where they are "nation building." They do NOT get to acknowledge this nation ONLY when they WANT a dollar, or hypocritical flag waving to hire the army, to pave the way or clean up for them for their corporate overseas invasions, unattended by a blinded naive population who are misled by our monopolized cutsey media. Those of us who have WORKED all our lives must lobby to insist US priorities are structured for positive opportunities, retirement, health care insurance, (no, not handouts, no, not privatization, sorry, GOP), for ALL working and future retired citizens.

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