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We are the 99 percent


Hello OWS! A little background about me. I've worked hard all of my life from age 14. Married young, worked in computer manufacturing and had two sons from that marriage; then divorced 9 yrs later. Went back to school while kids were 3 & 5 and graduated Technical School and then worked in computer manufacturing again. Then after NAFTA was signed, watched those computer manufacturing jobs slowly dwindle and leave the country. Had a 3rd son 11 years later with the man I was living with but we split up and while raising son, alone again and working full-time; went back to College at night and graduated with degree in IT, only to watch those jobs leave the country. While raising 3 sons, over the years, alone and without any child support assistance from ex-husband/ex boyfriend. Judge's always denied me, as both ex's worked under the table. Forced to ask for help from welfare system as a supplement for daycare, only to be vilified by conservatives, that would tell me to "Get A Job" (which I already had) but constantly denied women equal pay for equal work, as the law. Watched my son get stop lossed to an illegal war in Iraq, by a war criminal in the White House and was sooo angry and began actively protesting against that war. Now in my September years, can't seem to get hired anywhere. Am I angry? "You betcha"! It hasn't been from lack of trying that has put me in this financially, scary, position. My family is helping me stay afloat now. I've been an activist for causes to help the 99% most of my life; starting with ending the Vietnam War, stopping NAFTA, Fighting Against Welfare Reform for "The Poors" and actually testified before a state senate committee concerning giving a raise to welfare recipients and fought For Welfare Reform for the Corporations; marched against the War ON Iraq in DC and I also Sued the Local Power Company for Discrimination Against Women and I Won and various other causes. Then in July/August, I became aware of the OWS movement and have been following since then. I attended my first OWS march in Boston, on Oct. 15th and made it onto the news somehow but not in an interview. I can't sleep out in the park with OccupyBoston, although I'd like to but when I have some gas money, I visit them and I spread the word on the internet daily. I am OUTRAGED about Scott Olson! That could've been one of my sons! I am always outraged about Injustice. Makes my blood boil !! That's about it, I guess. I look forward to reading others opinions and thoughts here. ~PEACE~ Prevail99

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