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We are the 99 percent


I think the major issue with our "democratic" system can be summarized with one simple word: Lobbyists. Lobbying is essentially a legal form of bribery that has completely corrupted our politics in the U.S.

Sure, there are some people lobbying for beneficial programs like clean energy, or legalizing certain plants, but they are completely outnumbered and outweighed by the obscenely wealthy and influential corporations, oil-tycoons and religious organizations that are funding politicians' campaigns so that they can ensure that big corporations and backwards traditions stay strong while social progress is kept to a minimum. If a group of protesters really wants to see a change in the 1% game, they should demand an end to all lobbying.

We live in a modern country full of advanced technology, I see no reason why we cannot decide on laws and regulations in this country via a popular vote. Between public transportation, carpools, cell-phones and the internet, everyone should be capable of adding their own vote to decide on virtually any issue this country faces. Why don't we do that? Because the people in power would no longer have much power, so they don't want that kind of progress.

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