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We are the 99 percent


I will lay out a two step program to bring your protest to national attention.

A jobs protest within two weeks to bring in interested people across the nation.
Everyone is affected by the lack of jobs including wall street. You will find a letter below which can be sent to all your followers to be sent across the nation to rapidly increase your numbers. “We want jobs is simple and non political.
Utilizing this base to enhance your protest by joining with another program already started with national attention.
Your protest needs a focus. It is no doubt that wall street is mainly responsible for our economic problems. But wall street will not change unless congress makes new rules and congress will not make new rules as long as they are owned by wall street and other major financial contributors.
Taking your protestors from the 1st movement above, then join with Dylan Ratigan and http://www.getmoneyout.com/ .

This is the first letter to send and request to forward to all friends:

The civil rights movement, featuring marches across our country, bought a measure of success.

Marches today in Middle East countries have over thrown governments.

One of the top desires of US citizens, backed up by surveys, is jobs. This is not against party stances, only the means is at issue.

On Oct 8th, 2011, we can be a catalysis for demonstrations across the Nation to let the parties of Congress know, the American people want action and want it now.

Using the social networks, notify all college students that a demonstration will be held at all college football games an hour before the game. One sign will be allowed; WE WANT JOBS AND WE WANT THEM NOW!
During the half time of the game, all demonstrators will stand and repeat the phrase: WE WANT JOBS, WE WANT JOBS…..
At the end of the game all demonstrators will stand and repeat the above phrase.
All demonstrators will meet at the nearest shopping center at 6 PM carrying signs and shouting our desires, WE WANT JOBS….
All college students not at the game will meet at the local Wal-Mart at noon for a short 15 minute demonstration.
These students will meet at the nearest shopping center at 6 PM to join the rest of the students.
All students will make contact with their parents to spread the word to all interested parties, especially those not working, to encourage them to attend the noon and 6 PM demonstrations
All students will notify as many of the minority citizens as possible to encourage them to also attend the noon and 6 PM demonstrations.
Contacts will be made to notify the churches, especially in the intercity areas, to post and announce on Oct 1 the demonstrations.
This will give the student leaders a chance to organize and lead this movement.
All those involved will be encouraged to contact their representatives and local news sources giving times and dates. They will be encouraged to bring camera capabilities.

My name is Pete Williams, (aka Gary), author of “Talk to Me Dad!”, “Flood on the
Buffalo” and former editor of “The Voice” of eastern Jackson County of Mo, currently working on the book “The Atrocities Committed in the Name of God“ the first chapter posted at www.inthenameofgod.info. Although I have in my past worked with web pages and have had classes in programming, I have not become involved with the social networking sites. As I am 70 years old, I really don’t want to learn all the procedures involved. But I know that there are many young people who can become leaders spreading this word across the in days or even hours.

I do know that standing together we can make a difference.

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