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We are the 99 percent


I want what you want. A decent FULL time job so I can pay back loans I took for my college education. I want Washington to stop rewarding companies that produce and ship our jobs outside of the country. I want the greedy co-opting of our government by big Corporations and big Banking to END. I want to END the FED. I want us to bring back the Glass Stegall Act. I want the war to end and our soldiers to come home where they belong. I want clean food and water and a cleaner planet. I want the 1% to be held accountable and pay their fair share in taxes, even more because the 1% stole most of what they have from Mom and Pop.I want to have an open mind and even though many people here are from the left, right and the middle I want us to have an open line of communication and work together! Unlike Washington. We elect and they neglect. I want what you want. I want what the 99% of us want. RESIST and peacefully OCCUPY!!!

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