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We are the 99 percent


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I grew up with Reaganomics, the "trickle-down" lie, and without health/medical insurance. I grew up without access to the inexpensive supermarkets that those with cars could only get to with cars. I grew up watching my parents go through university, not drink, drug or gamble - but still get increasingly cornered by the powers-that-be.

I regard your stance as one thoughtful take of the current state of job outlook, but it is callous, indifferent to the real walls that stand before many of us who find ourselves in one hell of a bind right now.

I am 45 and have been unemployed for 2 1/2 years. I will take charity; know of something I could do that would let me pay my rent and eat? Yes, I will take help, and the charity of your time! You, successful people, I welcome you to help - at least try to help - ME (or someone else who is a Trey Pennington case in the making).

Would I suffice? Great! Please take at look at my background from my LinkedIn profile, or speak with me, even. What should I do? I'll listen! What I have done until now they aren't hiring for, and certainly not someone over 30 (let alone mid-forties). So please, make me (or someone else going through a tough patch - that would work, too) your cause; having lost my father, my family, my friends, my marriage, and nearly all of my hope.

Be grateful if you have found something to do in life that you can make ends meet with. A hell of a lot of have not - and it is certainly not for lack of trying.

Napolean Bonaparte said "ability is of little account without opportunity." Now, I know there are other grand statements that make the opposite point, like Thomas Edison's "there is far more opportunity than there is ability." (Easy enough for an inventor to say. We do not, in fact all have an invention within us; we are simply not all created with such a mindset, or are such great tinkerers.)

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