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We are the 99 percent


I believe in three ideas for this movement.

One, I think the only way to garner the media attention that this movement deserves is to directly go to the news station headquarters in your area and make sure that the message is spread.

If anyone has ideas or organization skills to help this happen, please go here and post!

I believe that the Occupy movement ought to create a forum in which the people of the world may openly discuss how they want to be governed.
Let's talk about the pros and cons of many different government systems and utilize the technology we now have to create a truly direct democracy.

I believe that in order to be able to truly contribute to these kinds of discussions that people ought to be very knowledgeable about the things they are talking about. Thus we must promote free education resources such as
RSAnimate videos

and other such enlightening sites. (if you know of more, please tell me about them!)

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