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We are the 99 percent


Howdy Y'all,

Doing our best here atop the Ozark Plateau in the Springfield, Missouri area.

Small city of 160,000 or so with outlaying suburbs and area towns to increase population.

We look to you and other Occupy group's Web sites, etc. for hints, tips, ideas, etc. and it all helps.

Thank you for your efforts and the best of luck to all of you!!!!!

Be aware that the Student Revolutionary Strike Force with its far-flung membership strategically located throughout the USA is monitoring situations of all types and reporting back to our prime center located in northern California.

Our forces are highly mobile and can muster regiment-sized cohorts of well-trained forces to any hot-point within the 48 contiguous states. Alaska and Hawaii require a bit more planning and time to reach them.

Our cadre can perform these feats without the evil-wealth of George Soros whose power-lust has the traitor working in cahoots with other ultra-rich vermin who seek to enslave the masses by installing a hereditary tyrannical elites who would, if successful, lead all Western countries into a New Dark Age.

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