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We are the 99 percent


I am 30 and believe we can make a difference. There are 297 million people in the 99% of this country. We have a voice and will be heard.

I want a new senate and congress. No more democrats or republicans. This is a recent developments for me. Up until this year, I believed our gov't could fix this. We're America, right? After reading Richard Maybury,s books and watching his YouTube channel, I understand that America has moved away from civil liberties and replaced the voice of the people with the voice of corporations.
Yesterday, while sitting in a hot springs, I overheard a 50-something guy say that he and every other guy in his neighborhood want an electric car. He thinks in 10 years we'll have a decent one, "if the political powers don't crush it. Because they want to crush it." Why do we let the corporations trample all over our planet to feed their greed? I think because individually, we felt powerless. The great news? We have a movement started to tip the scales of power back in our favor.

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