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We are the 99 percent


My name is Mary Jo Koch. I have been around for about five weeks. I always wear red and have silver hair. Half the park must have my business card.

Yesterday I had a long red coat and wore a Cat iin the Hat hat.

On twtter I am trying to organize #OWSAuntUncle. People need to come down there, talk to everyone, find their own nieces and nephews to adopt and be responsible for.

My house in Baldwin, Long Island, would be available for longer-term stay. It is ideal for writers and thinkers, thousands of books on politics, history, feminism.

I have decided to write in Baldwin every other day; being there was gagging me as a writer and tweeter.

I just started a blogger blog, OWS Underground Railroad to highlight resources for us that they we can't sleep at the park.


Blogger blogs can have 100 co-blogs. Email
redstockinggrandma45@gmail.com and I will send you invitation to join.

Wear red more. It is wonderful armor against fear, pain, depression, hopelessness. Red makes you brave.

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