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We are the 99 percent


GO OCCUPY WALL STREET. This can be the GREATEST mass movement in our country's history. MUST MUST MUST keep corruption OUT of it. IF you collect moneys make SURE it goes for the good of the movement and NOT in someone's individual pocket. Look to religion to see what kind of corrupting influence it has to collect their millions. People fall for a scam ... DON'T let this group devolve into that. Protect it as much as you can.

I am with you. I cannot be in body but I am in spirit....Brings me back to the 60's anti Vietnam days. BUT the bad thing was it got Nixon elected in 68. DO NOT HAND A GIFT TO ROMNEY OR ANY REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE. Yes, I have criticisms of our president BUT he is a darn sight better than his opposition. don't forget that. There is no third party in the US which there should be but until there is he and other Democrats are what we have to work with. get Money OUT of political decision making!

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