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We are the 99 percent


Registered Green Party member, poet, owner of a small solar company
Would like to see a list of changes with solutions listed for congress
to follow assuring the citizens of the United States that our environment, our social welfare, and personal goals are being taken into consideration
when decisions are being made that effect us, and that important decissions are not being made just for political
and/or economic gain.

It seems to me that those people and or corporations who do business in a society where free enterprise -capitalism are legal, and individual wealth has no limitations, that these same people would realize that they have a moral, civic, and economic responsibility
to that same government and the people of that government who have given them these rights.

That when an individual or corporation whether it be in manufacturing, distribution or in the financial aspect of business starts to look at its profits or the value of its stocks before the safety and welfare of its employees, and the community in which it operates in, or how its business effects the environment. That
when the miss use of said privileges occur then the government and if not the government due to corruption, or lack of responsibility, that the people have a civic duty to hold said parties accountable.

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