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I am a singer/songwriter, poet /activist/writer/performer living in New Hampshire. I have been a human rights/peace activist/ performer professionally since 1974. My roots are where I was born in Buffalo, New York.

I was also selected by the Social Security Administration's Ticket to Work Program as the New Hampshire Delegate for the Atlanta Summit in 2007 and helped organize Voices for Work... representing the disabled, testified and briefed Congress 3 times on policy work for the disabled population helping to improve their capacity to work.

I worked as one of the coalition coordinators successfully against Big Tobacco in NH. I am a member of New Futures Leadership advocates in NH.

My degree is in Community Economic Development... but now at 53... I live on a 5 acre wood in the mountains and have gone back to focusing on my artistic work and some advocacy.

I have a new album coming out soon "Mothers and Daughters" a healing project and we are also launching a new website soon monicanagle.com My Youtube Channel is Monica Nagle.

I am a proud member of Mindfreedom International and have been an organizer and advocate in mental heath and recovery for many years.

I am an excellent professional grant writer, fund raiser, producer and program director and have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in New Hampshire for community arts prevention programming. I have a long history of work in youth organizing... prevention through empowerment in the arts.

When I lived in Princeton, NJ. I worked with David Gordon and The Peace Child Foundation, as well as the PU Women's Center. I used to perform a lot in NYC in the old days ;-)

I lived and toured in Brazil for 3 years. I have a Brazilian daughter, also in the music business, who lives in Rio. She won a Brazilian Grammy recently. She is co-producing my new album.

I am a registered Democrat... but feel at this point we are in such trouble we need to unite this country and start living compassionately before we destroy the plane and eachother. I am a pacifist.... but believe in social justice through peaceful means. I play a mean blues guitar for 36 years and love people. I have courage, articulate steadiness and lost my fear years ago... comes with humble suffering and transcendence. I'm no stranger to hard work.

I can't make it to NYC... but I can help in someway from up here in NH via technology etc. Just let me know how I can help you.

Peace and Solidarity
Monica Nagle

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