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We are the 99 percent


Marched for civil rights, women's rights, and against Vietnam War. Believe in what you are doing now....will probably join in nearby city. I was one of the 20,000 watching Livestream when you were on the bridge. It did appear that the police were "leading" the crowd into doing something unlawful. Found myself yelling at the cops. Scared the dog!

Back when I was involved in the 60's & 70's we only had certain issues to focus on. The sickness to our political system is pervasive at this time. The system has been changed by laws that were passed favoring the monied. I was extremely upset when the Supreme Court decided that corporations should enjoy person status for political donations, etc. How ridiculous. This decision was, obviously, bought and paid for.
I believe that, like we did before, you need to get their attention first. I like the way you are going about it - no violence. At this point, not having a distinct platform may be exactly right.
Did see the seven or eight points that were made the other day for what needs to be accomplished(what you want). What we all really want is to stop the pervasive overtaking of our democratic process by people (corporations)with money to buy our supposed representatives. The American people do not have a lobbyist in Washington.....we were supposed to be represented by the people we voted for. Maybe we need a lobbyist. I say, abolish lobbyists while we are at it. If the American people's will is represented by the people we vote into office; then, why are lobbyists needed at all? We should also limit terms and require that anyone who has been in Congress, etc. should not be able to take a job with these corporations, their funded think tanks, or lobbyist groups. We, the people, pay them enough of a pension and benefits for having served.

Having visited France in the past, maybe you could look to the French citizen for the benefit of their taxes. They pay taxes and get something for them....education, health care, etc. In this country we are funding the military-industrial complex and the corporations so they can do what they want and make profit. Our taxes are paying for everything that benefits the few. The wars we have been involved in recently were to benefit a few.
We are in a declared state of war now for ten years. A declared state of war against no country!!! How long do we allow this state of war (with all the implications of the Patriot Act, etc.) to continue to control our lives?

Then the Republicans talk about how our entitlement programs are bankrupting the government. The Republican want to privitize social security so they can rob the populace of even more money.
The tax monies should come back to the people in ways that would better their lives.
We should also stop the privtization of our armed forces. We spend much more for mercenaries and get no loyalty. Then Dick Cheney would no be staying around Washington unlike most ex vice-presidents. If the people who actually control our control want to get into a war, they would have to go back to the draft........whoa would be them!

Privitization of Nasa and many other government ventures has left the American people paying for things without having the benefit of ownership.

While we are at it; it's time to force the banks to lower their intererst rates on credit card debt.......I could get lower from the mob guy in South Philly. The good ole banking committee allowed the banks to charge rates which used to be called usary. There is so much wrong because of the bills passed and the secrets kept. I have some pertinent information on the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (derivatives & commodities)which I gathered in my quest to understand why the gas pricing went up so steeply in 2008. I am talking about actions which defrauded the American people.
I am old enough to say that this is not the country I grew up in. And if given the choice, would not continue to live in. Without restoring the real value of America to it's people - believing that you actually have some power and can enjoy some hope; this country is worthless.
I am behind what you are doing and believe that we must join together to bring our government and country back to a country for the people!

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