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We are the 99 percent


Written by: Marcus D. Knight

For the single voices in America and the world who think that no one is listening; but when in fact there are many of us who feel the same...

The sad fact is; “America is a new form of dictatorship which hides behind the allusion of a democracy, a free republic. For when elected and appointed officials can sit in their position of office for unlimited periods of time gaining more governmental power the longer they remain in office, abuses of power will certainly occur, and if left unregulated, it will eventually lead to the demise of the country itself and its people. Eventually leading the country into an elitist form of rule, if left unchallenged; slowly diminishing the rights, liberties of the people, to the point that the people will become enslaved to the will of those who are entrusted the power.

While freedom is a right given under the law of God and Creation, it is not a right always given freely by humankind. There will always be those who spiritual essence and very being become engulfed by the gluttony of power and wealth. These individuals will seek to obtain their power and wealth by any means, focusing primarily on the fear, servitude and ignorance of others.

For the questions you must ask yourself; Am I a slave to my own fears, and are these fears so great, that I will stand by and do nothing; allowing myself to become enslaved to those who seek to control my very existence? Shall I let them enslave and poison my family with their sadistic, self-centered ideals? Or, will I stand with conviction, suppressing my fears and hesitations; defending the virtues of goodness, of what is right; protecting those who cannot or will not out of fear speak for themselves, defending the freedoms and rights we all hold so dear?

It is better die free, fighting for what is right, for our beliefs, for the fundamental rights of all human beings. Giving our life, our death a purpose, a meaning that we can be proud of and content with; then to give up our freedom, in order to inevitably die as slaves, in servitude, groveling to the whims and perversions of the select few. Thereby giving one’s life, no purpose, no real meaning whatsoever.

Tyranny did not die in the American Revolution; it is an ongoing battle that will never end until we the people decide to end its reign. In order to stamp out tyranny we must stomp out the ideals of greed in society and in ourselves. We must regulate our governments; limit the terms of reign of our political and judicial representatives. Destroy the essence of Wall Street’s power to manipulate the value of currencies and commodities; hindering its ability to maneuver its representatives into positions of governmental power within our governments. We must place Wall Street in its proper place as a legalized form of gambling, the world’s largest casino enterprise. Then, we must remove the power of the Federal Reserve from the hands of the world banks to end this reign of economical tyranny which keeps being enforced upon us like a plague. While the banks profit off our suffering and discreetly impress their wishes politically to create new forms of unified world currencies and markets, in order so that they may have the financial controlling power over all nations. We the people are the ones who are made to suffer and die.

Wall Street and the Federal Reserve promote the concept of Global Trade; while this is a nice concept in theory, it is not a practical one. While the World Banks and Wall Street rake in a large portions of wealth from this mystical concept. It is the people of the various nations involved in global trade that suffer. America has lost her industrial and manufacturing base, leaving her stripped and bleeding. Her economy has been raped and her people were misled into a fantasy idealistic belief of never ending growth and prosperity, which never really actually existed in the first place, except on paper. It was all built on an illusions promoted by Wall Street, Federal Reserve Banks, and those with powerful political influence with the primary goal to increase their wealth and political or social standings.

As Wall Street and Federal Reserve Banks are the Satins (Lucifer’s) of the U.S. Economy; China Global Manufacturing is Antichrist of the world; it poisons its own rivers, its own people with its industrial revolution; plaguing its people health with industrial toxins. Like America, China continues to enslave its people into low paying, slave labor work environments; while China’s elite wealth continues to grow dramatically off the backs of its economical enslaved masses. The industrial plague of China has spread its industrial curse to Africa, South America, poisoning their cultures with slave manufacturing, while slowly rapping those countries of natural environmental resources; leaving only dangerous toxins and economic despair in its wake.

Workers in China average between $0.20 (twenty cents) to $0.55 (fifty five cents) hour. The average monthly wage in China is approximately $100.00 a month. China seriously limits any goods from other countries from being sold in China. Most of what is allowed into china is for manufacturing use only. China is a primarily self-sufficient country; it manufactures its own goods and sells them to its own people. This is similar to how America was from 1950 to 1971 in the height of America’s industrial age; where the American people truly had the opportunity to prosper with the companies they worked for. In 1971 President Nixon changed all that when he helped make the U.S. Currency the dominant trade currency throughout the world and at the same time removed the American currency completely off the gold standard. There by giving the U.S. Currency no material value except what people placed upon it, or perhaps what the government may estimate its value to be. Nixon’s actions and agreements with various foreign nations resulted in opening the doors for the trade and economic catastrophe which we are plagued with today.

Trade with China is currently one of the greatest hindrances on the American economy. Approximately 80% of America’s consumer goods come from China. This has in return resulted in the decline of the American economic structure. Chinas pillaging campaign on America forges on; taking more money out of America then it puts in. This must come to an end in order for America to survive. Otherwise American workers will eventually find themselves begging for work, for their mere existence; enslaved to a Global Corporate form of “New World Order” way of life. China continues to import toxic, poisonous goods into America; that is sold to unsuspecting innocent American consumers. From children toys, food products, building materials, to industrial equipment, etc. These products are not only hazardous to our health, but are a detriment to our environment. Their reminisce fill our landfills, poisoning our air, soil and water ways. Asian Carp plague America’s rivers, destroying American natural fishery habitats. Chinas wealthy are slowly buying up America, from mineral mines, major shipping ports, shopping centers, investing in and controlling major corporations, to buying up United States Debt. Chinese and Russian Organized Crime Syndicates flood America and European countries with illegal immigrants, knock off goods, drugs, and prostitution. It is now suspected that Chinese Syndicates are now printing the highest quality of counterfeit American currency ever seen in American history and filtering it into the American economy. Aiding in the devaluation of the American dollar. China has the American economy by the throat and is slowly choking her, till nothing is left. China is the worst plague on America, followed by the former Soviet Union, and Mexico, etc. One would have to wonder why China is propagating “Economical Terrorism” on America and the world. Perhaps China’s leaders feel there can only be one true economic superpower, and they are determined to see that China reigns supreme in the end. This would explain their actions over the past two decades.

Continuously, it is being impressed by certain politicians that more global trade is the answer. Current passed legislation will allow more imports from India into the U.S. without any import taxes being imposed on the goods. Meanwhile China, India charge American manufactures and sellers high import taxes for shipping goods into China and India. This is a double standard, which gives no economic benefit to U.S. Manufactures who wish to import to those countries. Recently it has been stated by certain politicians that we need to open more trade with south American companies; allowing them to more freely import into the United States without the hindrance of import taxes (tariffs) being imposed; and in return this will allow American Manufactures to sell goods to those South American Nations, thereby creating more American jobs. While this concept on the surface seems like a nice idea; the biggest problem which arises is when you look at the income levels of South American workers, as well as those of China and India; workers from these countries make approximately $25.00 to $60.00 per week and most of them barely are able to feed their families as it is. SO, how are they ever going to afford buying high priced American goods? They can’t, which makes it an impractical concept. Just because something sounds good on the surface, does not mean it will work. The only way for this to work is if American workers will give up there company benefits and will except approximately $1.00 per hour for their labor; thereby giving up any rights we have as workers. This is where America is headed if we do not stand together and stop this madness of greed that preys upon our great nation.

The world was not ready for open global trade when it began, and it is time for the error of “Free Global Trade” as we know it to end. We must take a step back, in order to save America. America, like other nations needs to first be able to regulate its self, politically and economically before open global trade can even be a consideration. This will not cause the economy to plummet more; in fact by limiting global trade it will in return force U.S. Companies to re-open factories in the U.S. This will result in immediate job creation, which America so desperately needs. There by allowing us to begin the rebuilding process of America’s economy and infrastructure. Other nations will do fine; they will survive as long as they focus on building up their own countries from within as well. Trade will still occur, but under a controlled, balanced atmosphere, in order to create a more effective world economical balance. The ones who will suffer the most from this are the Global Banks and Wall Street; for it will mark the beginning of the end of their economical reign.

Where does America need to begin? Below are some suggestions…

 We must begin with changing our foreign trade policies, in order to effectively bring manufacturing back into the United States. Americans need jobs, and this can only happen when major manufactures are forced to return to the U.S. We must minimize the products that will be allowed into the United States. By placing tariffs on all imported goods and through implementing tax penalties for American based companies who manufacture overseas; In return we will be able to save the American economy from this turbulent path of economic chaos.

 The next we need pass legislation holding politicians responsible for their actions as governmental representatives. To enact strict campaign ethical guide lines; making it illegal for politicians to make statements or insinuations without substantial evidence to validate their claims. This will aid in forcing politicians to stay focused on the issues instead trying to discredit each other. Plus how can you have an ethical society when your elected officials act like foolish and unruly children.

 To pass constitutional Amendment limiting the terms of all elected and appointed officials. This will seriously help in limiting the abuse of power in Washington. Changing both Senators and congressmen to 5 year terms and limiting their reign to two terms total in any combination.

 Pass legislation limiting who can be appointed to governmental committees and the appointment of citizen review boards to confirm all appointments to aid in limiting possible abuses of power. For Example: The citizen review board should be made of individuals who are of good ethical standing and their terms should not exceed three years as board members; in order so that the working class is effectively represented in Washington. They should be chosen by members of their communities within their respective states and their names should be placed in lottery type of appointment system to aid against any possible tampering.

 The next is to limit the ways special interest groups operate in Washington. We must limit their ability to sway legislation and their ability to acquire tax payer dollars through grants for their own greedy ventures.

 We must limit the power of Wall Street over our Financial and commodity markets. Categorize its activity as a legal form of gambling; thereby limiting its ability to affect the worlds economical markets.

 We must reevaluate the role of the Federal Reserve and remove its power. The American government must take back full control over its currency; removing the ability of the private Federal Reserve banks to manipulate the markets for their own personal gain.

 We must return the power of Washington to the people. We the people have the power. Only through unification, standing united as one voice can we succeed in reclaiming our government from the hands of this corrupt, elitist form of rule which has slowly engulfed our great nation over the past century.

There is much that must be done. But, only by working together, standing as one force, and forcing through legislation that will in return save America from this economical path of self-destruction she is on.

The time is now, so either stand and be willing to fight; or go hide in the shadows like a frightened child. It is up to you. What path will you take?

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