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We are the 99 percent


Where is the Gentrified Community Tour? A Response to The Billionaire's Tour

Are You Truly The 99%?

Because many in the 99% are gentrifying inner city communities. First come the anarchists, artists and hipsters with their dogs, dogs they groom like Caesar on a Roman holiday, and then come the coffee shops and bars. The black residents are trampled upon; God only knows what shitty neighborhoods they will be pushed into. Of course the hipsters and artists make themselves feel good by saying I live in a mixed community, but the community is only in transition not mixed.

While I support political actions like The Billionaire's Tour, I’m wondering when this 99% going to have a Gentrified Community Tour? Part of the problem with Occupy Wall Street is many have the morality of the people they are protesting against. Same Eurocentric values; me-first outlook on the world; white workers are more important outlook. In fact, they barely pay lip service to the plight of the black and Latino communities. I often wonder if OWS would be protesting if they were "getting theirs", basically bought off by the promise of jobs and grants. They do not have the interest of workers overseas, almost nothing is mentioned of their plight. I would like for them to dig more into this 99% they are talking about because many would represent an upper strata of fat workers, only outdone by their fat overlords. They are only wielded into action because their existence is being threatened.

I am sure many will be upset by what I am saying, but someone has to keep it real with you. We can not deny reality because we are on a high. Shine the light on yourselves. Get rid of your white, Eurocentric outlook on the world; practice what you are preaching.


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