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We are the 99 percent


I am an artist going through very tough times! I as an artist I feel surpressed by the corporate system and feel overwelmed just by the structure corporate citizenry has to live in and the expense it costs just to get by keeping people on step away from being homeless! The arrogance of people who work in the corporate world world has gotten out of control! Local City Governments act like they are running a private corporation making laws privatizing public property and having their police agencies police these unConstitutional Laws on behalf of the Corporations and developers who are paying off the politicians! It's criminal and it's against the public's interest! So besides that I like to paint pictures, murals, pastel paintings directly on the pavement, Etc. I like to travel meet people who are down to earth not up walking the Cat Walk with mega attitude! Which is a bye product of the Corporate Social System they have created! I like great documentaries which I'm sure there are going to be plenty coming out of this movement!

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