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We are the 99 percent


Bring down the corporate bigots before it’s too late. Bring them down quick! Assemble my lovelies with haste play the trumpets of freedom for we are not going to live in the past. Our brothers from times past were forced into submission and now their children are on the same path of rolling over and allowing the longevity of this earth to be put in jeopardy. Let us not allow history to repeat its self; our government is on the path of OIL. Let us as a NATION stand up against this injustice and say, we will not submit to your oil practices there are other ways!!!!!!!!!!! We will not submit to your "meat" eating practices!!!!! We will no longer eat your pesticide and antibiotic ridden foods that clog our bodies and minds!!!!! We will not continue paying for subsidies!!!!!We will no longer allow you to blind us from what you are doing!!!!!We demand glass walls!!!!!We will not walk this earth that is rightfully ours with our heads down ignoring your greed any longer!!!!We are no lesser of people than you!!!!! We are the revolution embrace us before it’s too late for you. Life is a precious gift that everyone all man all animal shall be able to enjoy so long as this system is stopped now. .....Freedom Is Being.......Peace Love Happiness

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