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We are the 99 percent


In 2010, I paid more than $1,300 in federal income tax, on taxable income of $8,413. I've been unable to find a job since I was laid off 15 months ago.
I'm surviving on unemployment, a little free-lance work and help from my elderly parents. My husband makes less now in the same career than he did 15 years ago and works in unsafe conditions that he and his coworkers dare not report for fear of losing their jobs.
I'm a native of NJ (Passaic/Rutherford/Cherry Hill) but now live in the midwest. I can't come to NYC but I'm attending the protests in St. Louis. I've been praying for people to wake up & start a revolution for more than 10 years. Thank you - all of you - for standing up for what is right.
Peace be with you all!

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