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We are the 99 percent


Occupy Wall Street desperately needs to clearly articulate an agenda for restoring American democracy. Any reliance on the political process is doomed. None of this can happen until wise and thoughtful people take to the streets and act. Here's my agenda:
1. Occupy Washington and every state, county, city and town until we achieve campaign finance reform and term limits for all elected officials, including judges.
2. Occupy every executive office of every corporation, investment bank and stock brokerage until the grossly disproportionate executive salaries and perks they award themselves are fairly re-distributed.
3. Give everyone a good education, healthcare and a fair chance to make a decent living.
5. Ban all political gerrymandering and fairly redistribute existing districts.
6. Make politicians’ salaries, perks, healthcare and pensions reflect years in office and make them commensurate with those of ordinary Americans.
7. Abolish the Electoral College.
8. Place a reasonable ceiling on inherited wealth and return the moneys gained to funding for education, healthcare and social security.
9. Institute a universal draft for two years military or social service.

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