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Melbourne Mashup 2013


WARNING: To receive full impact of the Johnny Barcode experience, ensure sound is channelled through high quality sub speakers.

“If we explained how the nightmare worked, everyone would just wake up” – J.B.

Political Phantasy meets Occult Thriller with the aesthetics of a dog-eared 1970’s Russian Spy Novella; this art house masterpiece has the makings of a major cult classic. Poetic narrative reveals the story of Despotic Orwellian Figurehead of the Future and the Film Noir Antihero of Real Politik, Johnny Barcode. Martian Fairy Tale, Cinematic Revelation and Gothic Prophecy; Johnny Barcode paints a sensational metaphor of the times through free form dance movement masquerading as celestial perfection against human absurdity.

In a rare form of creative activism, this film, as art, strikes the emotional nerve centre of the viewer with all the dread and anxiety expected of a world where thinly veiled Occultic Dictators enslave masked Manchurian minions through propaganda and propagation – it’s the new Zombie horror show, Johnny Barcode style.

It’s actors / subjects / slaves, referred to in the making as Barcotronics, were repeatedly swooped by navy choppers, interrogated and escorted off locations – the desolate, haunted atmospheres of the Modern Metropolis, seething under the ever-expanding dominion of the Panopticon, now grown to full realisation since the start of this project.

Raw material for this film was shot on the run over a period of 5 years, using Super 8 and archival 16mm reversal film stock. Hand-crafted, lo-fi & DIY, these cinematic gems of the pre-digital age have been mingled with original never-before-seen ancient Russian Olympic ritual footage, sourced from the black flea markets of Auckland City, and free from the codes of copywrite restriction.

As reels of film lay dormant and unreleased in the vaults of infamous Artist and ex-O.T.O. initiate, Brent S Hayward, the call of Operation Paul Revere came to his attention via members of the Melbourne O.D.D. Support Group, and so the task of re-assembling this behemoth of pioneering independent art media was begun.

It is anticipated that Johnny Barcode may indeed be one of the few interpretive arts responses to the message and spirit of the Paul Revere challenge. Many informative documentaries lay bare the hard facts we face each day of not-so-secret government plans to depopulate the planet and dumb down the masses in order to make a more dependent and distracted slave class. Yet well-crafted and intuitive artistic interpretations have the extra dimension and ability to transpose our awareness through experiential sensory entanglement with the subject matter, eliciting our emotional presence to the extreme reality we are so urgently endeavouring to overcome.

Due to the epic nature and sheer magnitude of the Johnny Barcode material, his Mythos will likely be the only dramatized genocide and eugenics exposé to hit the [home computer] screens this season.

NOTE: The filmmaker would like to extend his gratitude to the late William S Burroughs for his kind written permission to use his scathing audio material for the soundtrack.

S Brent Hayward Films

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