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We are the 99 percent


Private banks do not cover our loans. As so, we are
paying them back for credit they never extended.

Money has been privatized by stealth

27+ trillion has been used to cover massive criminal
fraud in the sub-prime mortgage frauds and insurance
frauds with the likes of AIG, and so on..

The Private Federal Reserve stole 16 trillion.

/ / There was no debate about whether
$16,000,000,000,000 would be given to
failing banks and failing corporations
around the world. \ \ RIPPED OFF.

Study: CEOs Who Fired Most Workers Earned Highest Pay

Obama's Patriotic American Chamber of Commerce
Leader, Advoctates Offshoring of American Jobs

"people effected by offshoring should stop whining"
(now 56,000+ factories have left America)

Americans pay twice as much as Canadians do
for universal - no need for private insurance to
bleed you health investment..

Justice is key to securing a better
future for all as freedom standing

and so on..
If you want a world made free by Justice fairly
wagered, you need to check out, Johnny 2012

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