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We are the 99 percent


I'm just an average every day American living in a semi-urban, mostly conservative, seriously repressed city in Arkansas. I have 5 kids, 4 relatives living nearby, 3 dogs, married to husband number 2 and 1 burning desire to see our great nation change its policies and beliefs about the importance of money.
I am so disgusted by the actions of the powerful money players, those with the golden parachutes, the banks and lending institutions, even the Government run organizations like the IRS and the Unemployment office. I am about ready to walk away from all my worldy possessions, set up a little farm somewhere in the Ozark National Forest and just go off the grid. Let my armpit hair grow, abandon make-up and hairspray and bras, live off the land and teach {which ever poor child of mine who couldn't escape to a grandparent and got stuck with me} to simplify their lives and to get in sync with nature.
Both my husband and I are currently unemployed. We're both college graduates with the student loans to prove it, and have a home that we can no longer afford to live in. On the upside, we have our health which is good because our health insurance expires at the end of the month.
My husband's unemployment has not started paying yet after 6 weeks and we are trying to take care of a family of 7 on $500/month. We would love to file for bankruptcy so we could answer the phone again, but it cost $1500 to file and the kids can't eat the filing documents so we have to do the prudent thing and not let our children starve...(especially when there's a strong possibility we will be homeless by winter and they will need their strength to keep warm)
Im exagerating for effect of course but it is a little like when Sam Kinneson called the Betty Ford Clinic and they said rehab cost $15,000. To which he replied if I had $15,000 I wouldn't have a drug problem.
Well if I had $1500 I wouldn't need to file bancruptcy! Anyway, I am way off on a tangent here, sorry about that. I let the anonymity go to my head and I just vented on whatever poor unsuspecting american was bored enough to read it.
SO, as a final act of mercy and caring for the greater good I will draw my comments to an end with the hope that someone somewhere can identify and empathize with my situation and has the ability to farm or hunt game for food. I may need a back-up survival friend if the wilderness plan goes sideways.
Best wishes and warm thoughts to ALL

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