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Behind President 'Wall-Street Puppet" Obama's recent ordered extra-judicial assassinations with drone terror weapons, of three America citizens, and deposed head of state Moammar Gaddafi, is the global financial-monetary system of the [British Empire] is coming down upon us in a matter of days -- when French President Sarkozy said just two days ago, that the euro system will blow-out in10 days. And just yesterday, Russian Prime Minister Putin said,"the whole thing can come down in 24hrs." Robert Shapiro, an adviser to the International Monetary Fund said, "the trans-Atlantic system will collapse in two to three weeks." And you know what? All of these individuals are right!

We must act now to kick our Congress in their you know what, to introduce articles of impeachment to suspend the executive powers of President Obama. For the re-enactment of U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt's 1933 Glass Steagall Banking standard, in House Resolution 1489, to restore the separation between U.S. commercial banks and Wall Street merchant banks.

[Failure] in carrying out our moral responsibilities as citizens of a republic will result in the immediate introduction of extra-judicial murders of Americans on American soil from drone attacks with private armies to balance the federal budget without a Congress. Because the "night of the long knives" will have taken the ex-members of Congress away to secret detention centers to be processed for extra-judicial execution.

How did this nightmare get so far? On August 3rd 2011, Congress gave away the power of the purse to [British] Nero Emperor of Rome, Obama. As the good Germans did, after saying that Hitler was a joke, and would not last. Until Obama 's private armies, (I mean Hitler) set fire to the German Parliament. Don't kid yourselves, the 1933 German nightmare is unfolding now in the United States. So impeach the Wall Street puppet now. #Occupy Wall Street to [impeach] Obama. And enact Glass Steagall!

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