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We are the 99 percent


I live in Bellingham, Washington. I am one of the well educated unemployed. I employ my skills myself as a volunteer in a public education program and with many groups working on environmental health, justice and peace. I am trying, trying, trying to help my fellows wake up to the reality of our lost democracy and the corporate coup that has taken place. So many are like Dorothy and the gang asleep in the poppy fields. Many are too comfortable to see the tidal wave looming ahead. I do trust this generation will bring about great reforms and an entirely new way of living. Those of you occupying Wall Street are the early bloomers. You are not alone. More will join you. Please continue to act with peace; it is inspiring to witness people being the change we are all hoping and working towards. I am working with a group that will send you a care box and we will be supporting you in every way we can. Our hearts are with you and the "eyes of the world are watching" :). You are our hope for a future worth living.
Most sincerely yours

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