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We are the 99 percent


Media says we need a common goal. Lets expose the crime that put us here.
Executive compensation is merely the disbursing of loot. Stealing is the crime.
Corporations are the criminals who appropriate America’s money.
The stock market, wholly owned by shareholders, is the scene of the thefts.
The middle class are the victims. Mutual funds and pension plans serve as intermediaries.

Companies pilfer America’s savings to subsidize corporate goals: Lavish executive
compensation. legions of lobbyists, corporate profit growth that exceeds GDP growth,
campaign funding as of 2010, mergers and acquisitions, etc. Hundreds of billions.

The illicit transfer of funds from the masses to a few has created a huge wealth gap.
Companies are crushing a democracy and building an aristocracy / plutocracy.
This crime wave has impoverished the middle class and brought us to the brink of ruin.
The retirement dreams of millions have faded. Jobs outlook is bleak.
Housing is kaput. Ad nauseam.

The thefts of shareholder value must be exposed and punished.
Alert the Administration. Harangue your Congressmen. Enlighten your friends.
If you incurred substantial losses since 2000 insist the FBI investigate your situation.
SEC has been an inept guardian / rogue cop / traitorous gang leader.
I have worked the trenches. Hank, a retired computer financial systems analyst.

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