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We are the 99 percent


Hello my name is Anthony Sykes, I am starting a new internet show that deals with everyday people, as told by everyday people straight from their desktop &laptop computers webcams in their homes, bedrooms, living rooms, or in the streets .Everyday people like you and me in our everyday environment. I would like to have you join my indidvidual or group interview session of Occupy Wall Street. I want it to be of people at the rallys with mobile laptops and people at home who can't attend but support the movement. If you are interested in being my wecam guest and voice your opinion along with others around the country and world please contact me at semmiagroup@comcast.net.If you decline to be on my show would you please spread the word and my email so others who are interested can contact me.Thank you! Looking forward to interviewing you and airing your opinion!

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