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We are the 99 percent


Since the USA went off the gold standard, and the Fed just prints paper notes that have no value or backing, all debt, after we went off the gold standard, does not really exist. Our houses, sweat and toil are real and should not be subject to foreclosure due to the fact that no US Dollars were ever received by us. However, since we are in this worldwide monopoly game, until we can sort things out and establish some sort of barter system, let's petition the Fed to issue $100,000 of this play money to each US Citizen, to keep the game going ,until we get it right. SO: All debt forgiven; since it is based on worthless notes...and, 2 The Fed prints and distributes $100,000 to each US Citizen to boost the game/economy. Nothing would change except we would be free from the imposed servitude. Imagine that...

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