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We are the 99 percent


Occupy Wall Street are doing a pretty nice job, awaking people about injustice.

The pretty few 1% earning around 66% of USA total incomes means that 99% make their living on 34% of USA income lasting.

Will the propostion will stay the samething to pay the debt and expenses of 600 billions $ this ending war and the incredible USA government deficit accumulated with the Republicains accumulated during the Busk presidency???

Occupy Wall Street. must occupy seats at the Capitol, as independants for justice, against the existing partisannery and their astonishing expenses to be electected. A third party is the way to help your President Obama to stay in place and obtain a majority with your help for justice in 2012. You are 99% against 1% in a democratic country.
Thank's to wake up people, it's about time

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