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We are the 99 percent


Good. Let the Obama regime continue. The more they do, the more we see. If the OWS is so blinded, then add them to the steamy pile of $hit, which is, community activism... whose mantra is "Gimme... pie". Sorry, if you were occupying MY space... you invite Chicago-style rules, whereby I occupy, you trespass, and lose. Any other questions? Discuss amongst yourselves and rethink your "twinkly" finger gestures. You are losers, and you're stinkin' up th place. Get lost! (Oh, sorry, you already are.) I meant get tf outta here. You don't matter. (Damn, stay, that'd be good for Obama... and, well, no, he's not a liar, 1%. Go ahead. Stay). Make your point, then gtf outta town. Trust me when I tell you, it's in your best interest to not interfere. We have the law on our side, cameras, witnesses, adjunct scenerios, implications, proof of... You're done. Face it. Here's the fun part, when you decide to stay, you're defeating your own "purpose". Stain.

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