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We are the 99 percent


I am so happy that this has come to pass. For over 1 year now I have wanted to stand on a street corner and scream.
The gridlock in congress, banks taking advantage, and big corporations not paying (or very little) in taxes just to name a few things. I've been out of work a long time, I was evicted because i could no longer pay my rent, I'm homess; but fortunate enough to live with my son and his friends. I am an educated woman; I have 2 Masters Degrees from good schools. My work is with troubled adolescents, but I guess they don't count. I hate it when the 1% call us lazy and say "get a job" I WANT a job. I WANT to be able to pay my bills; and buy food. Been to a grocery store lately? $8.00 for a small watermelon??? Yesterday I began gleaning. I have never been so broke and needy and it feels terrible. Thanks for doing this...I will be demonstrating with you. (hey I don't have a job; I've got plenty of time; no $$$ but plenty of time...)
Also, as a mental health professional, I am concerned about the psychological effects all this has on people...GOOD JOB

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