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We are the 99 percent



I am Fantomen, the phantom, please to meet you.

I´m a Swedish person, parent, lover and activist. I work as a filmmaker and project leader. I like cheese, art and technology.

I subscribe to the agendas of economic equality, open borders, freedom of information, climate justice, economic justice, the unconditional implementation of human rights globally, decentralization of power, the deconstruction of sexual, cultural and institutional norms and structures, and intellectual honesty.

I haunt the backstage of Swedens political opera. Practically speaking, I take part in organisations that help hidden refugees, sabotage weapons and generally engage in direct action for progressive change. I recently engaged in the swedish occupy movement, and found my way here through various viral web whispers verifying validity of virtually valiant vigilantes.

So now I'm here. I hope to be of help and find opportunities for cooperation, and friends maybe.

You look very beautiful today btw.


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