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Tonight at 5 pm at Santa Rosa City Hall it is make or break time for Occupy Santa Rosa and City of Santa Rosa negotiations. The City of Santa Rosa led Occupy Santa Rosa into negotiations for a Camping Permit for tents at City Hall. Occupy Santa Rosa agreed to all the terms of the permit and even agreed to remove all tents for 3 days when the City wants to inspect the grounds and to restore the grounds after use. Now the City of Santa Rosa has done what could be considered a bait and switch, and the question on the agenda, even though Occupy Santa Rosa agreed to everything, is whether they are authorized to give us a permit at all. We need the 4 thousand people who showed up on Octobver 15th to show up tonight at 5pm at City Hall to say "Let the tents stay!" If the City says "No," we need thousands to show up on Saturday morning to say "Let Us Stay!" But, if the City of Santa Rosa says "Yes," we can stay as long as we continue to abide by the permit terms, then we need thousands of people to show up to say "Thank you, Thank you, City of Santa Rosa Officials for letting us express our Free Speech Peacfully! Please support the people!

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