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We are the 99 percent


I have worked my ass off my entire life to help people, to support people, to make peoples' lives better and to educate people. I'm an IT guy that's spent my entire life fixing things, saving people money, and recovering things that were thought to be destroyed or lost. What do I get in return? A measly $1,000 a month paycheck that goes 3/4 to rent alone, and 1/4 to living expenses, leaving 0/4 to "enjoy life" with. I've racked up a $4,000 credit card bill and countless thousands more in student loan debt (to get a piece of paper saying I know this stuff - which I did before going to school and graduating with honors), and I still only make $1,000 a month. The 1% that own most of this nation's wealth, hoard their wealth in bank accounts and investments, preventing that money from being in circulation, preventing hard-working people like ME from getting paid what I'm worth to everyone around me. Nobody around me can even afford a simple $40 computer repair ("can I pay you next week? I don't get paid til then" - is that the American Way?). People that should have the ability to pay for needed services and social needs, don't have the ABILITY to pay for them. The economy is at a standstill as a result of the 1%'s money hoarding.

I'm not a participant in the visible protests on the streets because I'm a computer geek holed up in my apartment holding your cushy fantasy world together. Everything you do is a result of an IT guy like me that put it together. And I continue to hold it together because I believe the people can bring change and fairness to this broken system. That is what I'M supporting.

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