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We are the 99 percent


People are starting to realize the unfair nature of the world we live in and are rebelling against it. The system we have at the moment is not sustainable in the slightest, it needs to make way for a more fair and equal world where living a happy life isnt dictated by your wage slip, where food to live isnt going to cost 50% of your earnings (Some people cant even get access to the most basic of food supplies due to greed), where you are able to find a suitable husband/wife and settle down and be happy to raise a child up and know that they will be able to go through life without having to overcome the many inequalities; Because at the moment finding a woman that isnt looking for a mans mind and his beliefs as to be a good companion/father, rather they look at your car, your wallet and job. Obviously i cant say this for all women but living in such a way that only promotes profit, success and income are looked at as the same thing and that in turn produces certain thinking patterns in people, especially women due to the role media has placed on them in modern popular culture (In my opinion, as not to cause offense) . I'm male so i cannot feel what it is like as a woman's perspective and i feel sorry for the legitimate, sincere women that are everywhere because i know there are some females out there with decency, respect (For others and their selves), who would love nothing more than to find someone who they are willing to spend the rest of their life with, but their image in todays society is tarnished due to the young girls who have been brought up in a system where money is more important than kindness or the sincerity in your actions. But even the money hungriest of hoes must know deep down that for whatever cash they are able to scrounge/flaunt makes them in no way a valuable person that has helped civilization progress in any way shape or form. A world of greed will never be sustainable, once people realize that we need to start looking at ourselves as the Human race rather than by what part of the globe we happened to be born on. Where the people should have access to the worlds resources not the corperations as to make profit, we are all born onto this earth with the same rights as any other animal or insect, so what right to we have to blemish the health of our planet? We've seem to of forgotten that we owe the earth, the earth doesn't owe us a long time ago. Scientists have warned the world for years now that any more use of fossil fuels is hazardous to the survival of our species, let alone any species on earth and yet we take it upon ourselves, one of the many many many animals on this planet, to destroy the quality of the future of our planet, for all life, not just humans. I always think of the south park episode where the aliens come with the "Space dollars" and how they see that we are not worthy of any interactions with other beings. Imagine you were from a planet where your whole species worked together for the betterment of your species and your home planet, due to everyone being on the same page and understanding the greater good, due to everyone having the the same cause in life scientific advances in all fields come much faster than they would in a world where all the inhabitants look to one-up everyone else and care more for their own personal gain than the well being and prosperity of your species. Then one day, your planets scientists see life on another planet, due to the vastly superior space propulsion systems you have developed because of the cooperation of your whole species' thinking power. So they arrive at earth not knowing of greed or any of our dishonest ways they come to the conclusion that w

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