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We are the 99 percent


In 1964, at age 12 I wrote "If we don't become more like the Indians, more cooperative in our relations, we will destroy ourselves."

When the City of Boulder banned my tightrope show from the Pearl St. Mall in 1982 (in spite of a petition of 4000 happy fans) I went on the road. I ended up in Guatemala, working at the Circus Bar, and building a house on a Maya artist friend's land. But then the Guatemalan Army killed 3 other Maya friends -with US-supplied M-16s. I returned to Boulder, depressed,

I read in Howard Zinn's "People's History of the US": "In 1975 a Harris Poll reported 65% of Americans oppose military aid abroad because they feel it allows dictatorships to maintain control over their population." Pgs. 545 & 558 in my edition.) I realized if the People could vote on laws my friends would still be alive AND I would never have been banned in Boulder.

Long story short, I started the first "direct" democracy website in 1995: http://VOTE.org Since 2000 it supports -and lets people VOTE for- former Senator Mike Gravel's plan for NATIONAL ballot initiatives, with improvements to prevent big money from dominating.

(I was allowed to do my show in Boulder again in 1985, but it was never the same. Another person banned was David Shiner, who went on to be the Ringmaster of Cirque du Soleil for decades, have his own show on Broadway, etc. We used to have Airjazz, the 4-time International Juggling Assoc. champions, etc. etc. It's hard to explain how great it was until Government Against the People got involved.)

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