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We are the 99 percent


I'm 25 yrs. of age and I take care of my disabled mother, which makes it difficult to find work in my area. I recently went back to school, so that I could better myself and maybe have a better chance at getting a new job. I've been on unemployment since February. I can only collect unemployment, as I have no children...public assistance doesn't seem to like those of us who keep them closed and don't pop out a new kid every five minutes. I carry a 3.5GPA at a local community college, but that's not enough to get into my first choice school, but taking care of my mom is a 24hr...haven't had a day of since February. My "vacations" are anytime when I'm done with my school work and she doesn't need me...so any 5min. interval that I have just to myself is a vacation. I miss working, being at work was like a vacation compared to this. I enjoy being back at school and I love my mom, but I'd like to just go out with my friends and goof off.

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