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We are the 99 percent


Hi. I am Eli Hernandez in Miami, FL, and like so many around the World and here in the U.S. I am in moral support of the Occupy Wall Street Cause and Message.

I hope this movement achieves getting policies in Washington D.C. changed so that American Democracy is more easily swayed by the actual will and vote of the people and not by big moneyed interests and lobbyists and by political incumbents that can set their own salaries and change procedural rules in congress to make it impossible for the simple and direct voice of the people to be expressed clearly in the legislative process.

These are some goals I believe this movement should aspire to accomplish so as to refocus Democratic Power back to the will of the people in the U.S.

1. Repeal the Senate Filibuster Rule that makes it impossible to pass almost any measure, except the most superficial and meaningless bills, with a 51% majority.

2. Repeal the 27th Amendment.

3. Outline and begin a petition for a two term limit Amendment to the Constitution of the United States for All Elected Congressional Offices (House/Senate).

4. Openly declare Support and sign on to the "Get the Money Out" Petition or Call for and Instantiate Legislation to be presented in Congress to establish mandatory Federally Funded Elections and disallow lobbyist contributions and corporate contributions to Elected Officials or Candidates.

5. Call for and Instantiate Legislation or an Amendment to the Constitution for a National Election Day Holiday.

6. Establish a petition outlining the specific economic wrongs that have led to the current state of the World Economy, including and especially here in the U.S., and call for the formal investigation and if possible prosecution of all on Wall Street, The American Banking System, and American Federal Government who were complicit in this disgrace.

7. Due to the fiasco that is the established fact of the Automat fashion in which Large Banks and Financial Institutions process Foreclosures in the U.S.as a regular course of Business, a petition demanding the stopping of all current Foreclosures in the U.S. and a mandatory renegotiation of these mortgages should be presented to the Federal Government, National Bank, and other Financial Institution Executives.

8. Demand Congress and the White House establish a Government Jobs and Retraining Program in Collaboration with Private Industry to put back to work and retrain any and all Americans currently out of work that are seeking employment. The program should allow for a person to be hired to work or retrained in a specific vocation or skill-set with a view to reestablishing economic stability and human dignity there-by creating a pool of actively employed and currently trained workers that can transfer into private Industry work as it becomes available. The point here is that I have heard time and again how there are lots of unfulfilled jobs in certain areas but not enough applicants to fill them and how unemployment for people with a four year degree is at only 4%, etc. American History shows us that there is no better Staffing and Vocational Rehabilitation Firm than the Federal Government. Our Military Brothers and Sisters coming home from the Wars we are involved in abroad should not be left out of this loop either, since many of them have lost their jobs as a result of being forced to reenlist or had their service extended as a result of the Government’s unwillingness to establish a Draft so they don’t have to risk their political capital and status to continue to perpetuate these, in my Opinion at this time, Needless Wars.

9. Repeal the Portions of the Patriot Act that have continued to be extended.

10. Demand Passage of the “Employee Free Choice Act”.
I believe that if the Occupy Wall Street Movement can achieve even half of the goals and aspirations I have listed here this Nation and this World will be well on its way to becoming a place where people can trust in their Government and live in Prosperity and Economic Stability at a much greater rate and for much longer periods of time than we have seen since the beginning of this century.

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