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Once the unsustainable, as well as anti-democratic nature of our corporate-capitalist economy is clear, then what? We need a rough outline is desirable, of what the basic elements of a democratic, and sustainable economy might look like. What else?

Equally important, particularly since it's far from clear that time is a luxury the Earth has at this point (as well as the fact that humanity deserves much better -- freedom and dignity through decentralized and democratic economic alternatives to corporate/capitalist/communist centralization -- or put more simply, "Economics As If People And The Planet Matter") we must ask: "how can we get from here to there?

An economy must include investment. As on Wall Street, two key parts are:

1. Investment as a way for building business enterprises. [NOTE: Here "business enterprises" means factories, shops, etc that need not be corporate nor privately owned; community and public enterprises, coops, worker/community-owned businesses are intended] and
2. Investment as a way of building economic security for retirement which is necessitated so long as basic needs are not guaranteed but are to be earned via some sort of revenue stream


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