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We are the 99 percent


To those who don’t know me personally, I am a 31 year old white Englishman, a software engineer, a combat veteran of the “Wars on Terror”, a husband to a Native American US Army Soldier.

I am not struggling, in fact I would be considered as doing quite well in this current economic depression, but that does not change the fundamental fact that I am only doing well at this present time in history. I understand and sympathize with those that are struggling. Those that cannot find work or cannot afford housing or cannot even afford food. I know that some of you there today may even view me with some disdain because I am not struggling…

For those that know me well, they are not surprised by the store of food in our basement, the organically grown heirloom vegetables in my back yard, the SMART car I park alongside my co-workers BMWs and Porsches. The sound of Rage Against the Machine blaring from my stereo…

I am apart from the system, yet part of it. I understand what is fundamentally wrong with it. I articulate this knowledge of wrongness the best I can. I wrote this sat in business attire, a wage slave to a mortgage that will cost me over $298k in interest payments alone, used to buy a house funded by un-backed capital which never actually legally existed due to the corrupt nature of the fractional reserve banking system.

But the truth is that I AM struggling. I’m struggling with the fact that so many people cannot see the fundamental problems with our society. Not just American society, but the global society. The global acceptance of the rape, pillage and torture of our finite planet, its resources and its people by corporations and governments who seem intent on the pursuit of Infinite Growth on a Finite Planet.
It cannot continue – I learned in basic biology that nothing can grow infinitely on finite resources.
We are being labeled by many people, including ourselves. We are called the 99%, mobs, anarchists, un-American, mooches, jobless, communists, homeless, lazy, terrorists… The list grows every minute.
What we should be labeling ourselves is the future of the human species, because that is what we are – all of us.

No matter what the color of your skin, your social background, your political or religious views, your country of origin… We are human’s future, for if we do not change our present course, our future looks bleak.

What I ask of everyone there, everyone who reads this, sees it in a video or hears it broadcast is to realize that the system is the problem, not the people within it.

We can longer pursue infinite growth on a finite planet…

Stay peaceful, be wary of provocateurs and stay strong. We are not alone and we will not be silenced.

Feel free to read this aloud anywhere and everywhere, let our voices be heard.


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