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We are the 99 percent


Civil disobedience, when used properly, will bring change to systems, customs and traditions that are cruel, outdated or abusive. The power of the masses is not in the angry crowd, the stone thrower or the single person seeking attention.

We need to occupy the inside of County Courthouses.

Let us occupy the halls of our government.

Fill the courtrooms with those who want to enlist change.

Fill the chambers of City Council meetings; occupy the usually empty seats at the meetings of Boards of Supervisors

Occupy our libraries.

Our roads and bridges belong to the masses. Occupy them.

Bus terminals, train stations, airports, all belong to the masses.

Halting business as usual and getting the attention of the media as well as those who are in control can happen and will happen. But only when those in control learn, that the way they are operating will no longer be tolerated. It is the job of the masses to teach them. Once those in control understand that the masses have power, and that power, unleashed in the confines of non-violent, passive and peaceful protest will continue and will affect their ability to profit or govern, then and only then can we "occupy".
So let us begin to "Occupy Wall Street ", by occupying the conscience of those in control. No longer is it going to be business as usual, no longer will your employees arrive at work on time, for we will fill the roads and slow down the routes to your offices. No longer will our courtrooms sit empty as laws are enforced. We will be at meetings where decisions are made, whether by County Commissioners or City Councils. The masses have a right to watch the wheels of justice turn and to witness every form of government in action. Our libraries will be occupied by those seeking knowledge. Buses and trains will be occupied with those who wish to journey.

Occupy is not going to enlist in any form of breaking laws and will not participate in unlawful acts. We will however occupy at will, randomly staging acts of civil disobedience, and by these actions effect change.

As a free people, It is our history. As a free people, it is our legacy.

• Traffic slowed on major commute routes
• Courts impacted by the number of people lined up to go through security
• City Halls and Court Houses impacted by those wishing to do routine business: register to vote, seeking information, reviewing records.
• Commuter buses and trains impacted by unexpected numbers

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