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We are the 99 percent


I have been very much involved in Occupy Duluth www.occupyduluth.org and am now heading to the West Coast, for Occupy Portland and Permaculture activism with Starhawk.
Why am I involved? I have an MBA, and was very successful in a Fortune 500 company. I had the 6 figure income, the stock options, etc. I left the corporate world in 1996 once I realized how empty and restrictive a life it was at the top, and have never looked back. I know from personal experience that most of the people running large global corporations care very little for anything other than the game of 'who wins'. 'Who wins' is defined by how big your compensation package is. It is all based on a military model, with the 'grunts', paid only enough to keep them coming back to work. The HR departments actually encourage a wide range of pay. They think it provides a greater incentive for people to work hard, so that someday they can be one of the bosses. I discovered this fact when I asked the HR dept if I could reduce my pay so that the people in my department could have more. The HR people thought I was crazy.

Now, I am happily home free, car free, and a full time volunteer and activist. The Occupy Movement is where I will serve and grow and learn and share. I will use everything I learned in the corporate world to help this movement create businesses and banks that exist for the public, and not the other way around.

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