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We are the 99 percent


Look at this! Don't forget to transmit the message.

Show the world what 'Occupying" is about,

Get yourself trained to do it. We are ready to come to where ever you are ...

Teach you: How to build, how to transport, how to avoid cost, how to camp, how to demonstrate, how to dance and perform with it, how to use it at instant toilets, how to use it as instant office space, how to recreate it, how to have fun with it ...

Call on me: Demotech, design for self-reliance, mail: info@demotech.org

Study these web pages:
Big also for camping: http://www.demotech.org/d-design/designA.php?d=8
Mobile, easy to take along: http://www.demotech.org/d-design/designA.php?d=86
Small for exhibitions: http://www.demotech.org/d-design/designA.php?d=27

And don't forget to give feedback what you will do with it!

Reinder / Demotech

Sorry, I could not send you pictures, but I have plenty to show to you! Anyway go to the webpages i mentioned.

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