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We are the 99 percent


contact me via jabber, we shall be at this all night:


My group can hook you up with data where to pitch a tent, seek shelter, and get access to collective food repositories

United occupation for the justice we deserve

Greed is destroying the world. Shout out against greed and fascism. The fruits of Direct Democracy for everyone: f*ck vile greed of the republic! Give every occupier the justice they deserve!

know we are of one mindset, one hive, one purpose, one repetitious voice, an ideal collective.

There is no I in crowd. Get on board or get along. We are in this all the way, all together, an equalized collective for everyone!

one world without borders

one voice for all

one equal share for the collective

Shout until we get our share

Shout until we get our due

Shout until they hear the collective wisdom

The coercion of cooperation is true caring.

"Everyone can be more equal in a collective" -- The Wisdom of Collectivism

We have the right to get what we want when we want it.

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