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We are the 99 percent


I live in a tent in Southern California; I'm sixty two years old. I've been here for over a year ;on the streets since 2007, because a national financial institution embezzled eighty million dollars right out of my trust account. You don't hear about these outrageous crimes against the public, because the only authorities that can handle the investigation into something like this are our government authorities i.e. US Attorney General, state attorney generals and FBI. They are the only ones who can charge the criminals.

And, they refuse to investigate, from behind closed doors of secrecy; it's been over ten years that I've filed these complaints and they continue to ignore me. The mainstream and alternative media won't report this.

I use to be a highly educated fashion designer and photographer. This situation has destroyed my life, my credit and my business. I live by selling my belongings in the streets just to eat.

Wecome to America today; we're living in a financial holocaust.

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