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We are the 99 percent


Create your 1-10-100 Network to shift $600 billion dollars yearly from the top 5% in income to the bottom 95% as explained by Professor Robert Reich in his 2010 book "Aftershock" on pages 129 to 132.

Also get Congress to mandate that the top 5% in income invest 10% of their pretax income (about $300 billion dollars yearly) to weatherize their homes and for renewable energy independence.

To automatically get details on Dr. Reich's plan, Email: DKseed@gmail.com.

See the discussion page at: www.Meetup.com/Economic_Justice_Networking.

Also see videos on economic justice at: www.Youtube.com/DK1seed

See the YouTube video: "Learn Meditation and Economic Justice 10-1-2011"

Let’s each create our 1-10-100 Citizen Network for Economic Justice. If we each get 10 new people in a day, week or month who agree to do likewise, then in the eighth time cycle, 100 million people could be united for Economic Justice. Because: 10 to the 8 equals 129 million!

Even if we each only get 3 new people for Economic Justice who do likewise, then in the 17th time cycle over 129 million people would be mobilized to elect lawmakers for the common good. Because: 3 to the 17 equal 129 million!

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