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We are the 99 percent


Lets do it. Lets go and take a stand for this country. Lets change the direction the US government is dragging our society. Lets find out how far back the sell-out of our future goes. Lets get into public office so we can cause change , hold the bribe takers and corrupt to account for their crimes. And that would include Judges , politicians , business people , government officials and just about anyone else that stood by while our ship ( America ) was sinking. You see, you can sit there and look around, go home and drink beer. You can do that day in and day out. You can live and never lift a finger to help anyone. Some people help no one, only thing is they dont even help themself. Point being if your not a private citizen. Than you dont sit there while America is being sold out. If you were or are now in a position of authority. Well than we (i) want to talk to you. It may take me (us) ten years in order to ge into a position to find the truth and hold the underhanded cut throats to account. But thats part of the joy of being in ( the OWS ) state of mind. Lastly does anybody think our country, both the government and our society is in the shape its in by chance or accident or because of a few poor-stupid moves. Well thats what we need to find out. We need to know how come people in charge are able to separate themselves from the decisions they make and the disastrous consequences inflicted on our society. Do you read me. So dont drop the ball, lets keep going. In time we can find the truth about corruption in the area of finances, home loans, 911, jobs and workers rights, globalization, the defense/industrial complex, our police state & civil liberty. So we have a lot to do. I want to be there when the movement ( OWS ) brings about a new day, a better tomorrow. Thanks for your time, Carl from Staten Island..

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