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We are the 99 percent


I started working when I was 12 years old [cutting grass and shoveling snow]. If they are looking for sympathy from me here is my advice as explained to me very early on in my career – ‘ If you are looking for sympathy you will find it between sh*t and syphilis in the dictionary’. [from an old driller on a rig in the North Atlantic 1975]

I can understand not being happy with the Congress, the President and the fat cats on Wall Street; but I do not understand why you are so adamantly against capitalism. This does not make any sense to me. Companies like mine are in business to make money not give it away to government entities that piss it away. Remember it is government through the laws it has enacted & the persons we elected that has created the problems that we now have not the capitalistic businessman. If it was not for a capitalist society there would be no IPhones, computers, wind turbines, solar energy, nuclear power, hydroelectric power, gas stations, cars, boats, Apple computers, cameras, food, the tents/sleeping bags you are using , the coffee you are drinking the list is endless.

Remember in a socialistic society you will be told by the government where you will work, what job you will have, how much pay you will get. You will lose your free will to chose --- so be careful what you wish for. Look at Greece, Italy, Spain and the former Soviet Union.

• Questions;
o You are saying that you should have jobs – jobs are a good thing but without capitalism there will not be any jobs; the government does not create jobs it creates bureaucracy
o What makes you think you ‘deserve’ jobs? What have you done to deserve getting a job?
o The following things do not count
 Being born
 Graduating from high school
 Graduating from college
o What skills do you posses? Do you have a degree/technical skills in any of the following areas
 Math
 Biology
 Chemistry
 Physics
 Engineering
 Business/Accounting
 Nursing/medical technician
 Welding
 Pipe fitting
 Electrician
 Plumber
 Steam fitter
 Carpentry
 Can you operate a backhoe, a caterpillar dozer, operate any type of equipment,
 Can you work on an oil rig or drilling ship
 Can you do geophysical exploration, work on a ‘doddle-bug’ ship
 Are you willing to go overseas to find work?
 Leave the state where you reside?
 If you got a degree in the Classical Arts with a minor in Latin you are screwed go back to school and study something worth while
o What can you do that will improve the lives of those around you and yourself? [bitching and complaining and blaming someone for your problems does not count]

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